Focus on thyroid health to make life more wonderful

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Published on: September 15, 2012

More than 0.3 billion people worldwide have thyroid diseases. For really a long time, the function of our thyroid-our body’s engine has been ignored.
To know well of our “body engine” to make our life full of power
Thyroid is known as the “body engine”, controlling the metabolic activity and affecting every part of our body. It seems like a butterfly located in the front of the neck trachea. It can produce two kinds of hormones-thyroxine and Triiodothyronine to regulate the body metabolism.
As people’s working pressure is becoming bigger and bigger, many bad habits such as irregular diet, stay-up, overtime working, etc. have caused lots of thyroid diseases such as thyroid nodules or hyperthyroidism, etc.
Reasons for thyroid nodule
Why do so many people get thyroid nodules nowadays? Doctors said the main reason is from bad habits during daily life such as long-time working, big pressure, long-time depression or sadness, irregular dieting, stay-up for computer games, etc.
Misunderstanding towards thyroid nodule treatment
Many patients will ask doctors to do operation for them after hearing this disease. However, doctors said that operation shouldn’t be done before detailed diagnosis. If there is a pathological change, an operation is needed; otherwise, a conservative therapy is better.
In a word, people should be aware of their thyroid health. In order to prevent some diseases, we should first form a good habit during our daily life.

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