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Away from the computer can reduce the harm to the vitiligo

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Published on: July 17, 2012

According to the Chengdu vitiligo hospital,
understanding and treatment of vitiligo academic flowers are blooming, Chinese and Western Medicine in exploring the causes of vitiligo that is not the same. Doctors believe the cause of vitiligo autoimmune theory, the doctrine of neuropsychiatric melanocytes doctrine of self-destruction, trauma and irritation; Chinese medicine practitioners believe that vitiligo is responsible for six evils of foreign attacks, impassioned internal injuries, five fail to materialize, resulting in air-reverse chaos blood loss, health and foreign loss of solid, pathogenic onslaught in muscle table made. Vitiligo is a reduction or disappearance of the skin caused by melanin synthesis. We all know that static electricity generated by the computer turned on skin lethal. Electrostatic interaction causes the screen to adsorption dust and dirt in the air, our computers in close proximity, a lot of dust will fall on the skin, skin dirty clogged pores, gradually thicker, acne breeding; same time adsorbed moisture of the skin surface, the epidermis dehydration. Over time, there will be increasingly dry, dry skin and oily skin vicious cycle of more and more oil. As can be seen from the above, the long-term face of the computer for the damage to the skin is very large, so the experts of Chengdu vitiligo hospital prompted us everyday to reduce the face of the computer for a long time.

about computer radiation hazards whether vitiligo how, for now, the medical profession has not been studied, but the treatment of vitiligo patients with a friend to make the following recommendations: the
1, in front of the computer should not be too long. The
2, leave the computer immediately wash with hot water;
3, select TCO99 certification display, plus a good quality Shibao Ping, the chassis should no radiation;
4, learn some basic knowledge vitiligo, both vitiligo patients or ordinary people, should not be too long of time on the Internet should be noted that a reasonable grasp of Internet time.
Chengdu vitiligo remind: scientific and standardized treatment, to help the majority of vitiligo sufferers provide the difficulties relief support, professional treatment of vitiligo disease Vitiligo Research Institute, Chengdu anti-white as the southwest region’s premier specialist hospital to more poverty vitiligo sufferers also have a positive public welfare to join the Red Cross the vitiligo Rehabilitation Association established the “anti-white” public welfare fund, the Fund provides that: Where the family economic deprivation, enjoy the minimal, persons with disabilities and permanently, no effect or effect not more than three years in the treatment of other treatment agencies good persons can apply for the funds, apply for steps and forms specific detailed consultation online experts.

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