Vitiligo how to buck it

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Published on: November 23, 2011

vitiligo patients how to buck? Vitiligo is a local or generalized pigment depigmentation is characterized by the formation of white spots Although many people think that dermatology disease vitiligo, but a lot of people would say vitiligo not give after the onset of vitiligo patient physiological pain, vitiligo common sense understanding of people, you can also put vitiligo as a psychological disease, vitiligo vitiligo patients often give a great deal of psychological pressure. Then, vitiligo patients how to buck it? Binzhou Vitiligo hospital experts introduce you to:
about the occurrence of depression for many years, the international community has many psychological scientists and medical personnel are engaged in ongoing efforts to uncover the mystery layer of cotton yarn, to relieve patients psychological problems. The
Chengdu vitiligo hospital experts: explain some situations, thinking, method (cognitive structure) to determine their emotional and behavioral responses. The Depression generation cognitive structure distort, but generally people are not aware that it exists subconscious is not noticed, but by the current events trigger negative emotional and behavioral cognitive structure behind the idea of ​​an automatic. In order to change the distorted cognition, we must find out this idea, with a positive, new, constructive ideas instead, we can out of the Depression, to find the cause, I believe that it is relatively easy to solve many, and we will targeted help to those patients with depression. Remind vitiligo patients, and the hearts of those who should be eliminated and depression. www. zxbdf. com

, vitiligo remind: to help the majority of vitiligo sufferers scientific and standardized treatment, support to poverty vitiligo sufferers difficult rescue, Chengdu anti-white Vitiligo Research Institute as southwest China’s premier specialist hospital specializing in the treatment of vitiligo disease also have a positive public service to join the “anti-white” Public Welfare Assistance Fund set up by the Red Cross the vitiligo Rehabilitation Association, the Fund provides: Where the family economic poverty, enjoy low staff, persons with disabilities and permanently, more than three years of treatment effects or ineffective persons can apply for the funds, other treatment agencies apply for steps and forms specific detailed consultation online experts.

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