Because of the lead female abnormal vaginal discharge?

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Published on: May 2, 2011

Leucorrhea is vaginal secretions of women. Leucorrhea color, character, taste change, they are sick, called leucorrhea strange. Usually caused by inflammation of the vagina, cervix or uterine body lesions, pelvic inflammatory disease. What lead to female abnormal vaginal discharge? Hainan Integrative Medicine Hospital gynecologist walled box said: Reason: abortion, childbirth and gynecological surgery of the cervical and vaginal damage and cause infection. Reason: menstruation do not pay attention to health, the use of dirty sanitary pads, menstrual sex life. Three reasons: intrauterine operative disinfection lax. Four reasons: female genital and perineal mucosa vital organs involved in sexual activity, sexual life be local tissue to generate injury or cross-infection Hainan Integrative Medicine Hospital Tips: vaginal discharge prevention, strange start sexual restraint, concerned about the menstrual period, pregnancy period and puerperium health. General genitals should be kept clean, do not wash the public bath, women suffering from tinea pedis, foot towel and wash the vulva, pots to be discrete use. Hainan Integrative Medicine Hospital experts answer do you, if you have anything unclear, or want more information, you can contact one of the following online experts online consultation: Hainan Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital net : (if this site does not support hyperlinks, copy paste it into the address bar) Hainan authoritative Hospital Tel :0898 -68,383,333 Hainan authority of the hospital consulting QQ: 731 387 645 (add QQ will become your lifelong health experts) Hainan Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital Address: 28 Lantian Road, Haikou City, (name Gate Square) Hainan Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital Getting There: Take 10,13,28,33,38,40,41,51,60,63 Station bus (names doors Plaza, Beijing, Air China Plaza, South Po mall)

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