Time of confinement, the woman rebirth

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Published on: November 17, 2010

Confinement is the best woman lifelong physical improvement opportunities. In case never sit on child, healthy future body will lay hidden dangers. Chinese people believe in confinement, do not think it is superstition Oh, many sophisticated reason. A livelihood to watch out: 1. Must convalescence month or a month and a half. Postpartum two weeks, unless eat and go to the toilet outside, the rest of the work must be in bed. Sedentary or set off to walk around, it may cause uterine prolapse. 2. Prepare two or three width of about 30 — 40 cm, length around the abdomen 12 semi-circle of white gauze. Postpartum must bear in tie cummerbund to prevent visceral ptosis. The visceral ptosis will lead to women’s diseases, as well as the lower abdomen coming to the fore, ugly body. Tie cummerbund also improve prenatal belly significant situations. The cummerbund can not the ordinary panty and corset belt replacement. Because they not only had not the results, as well as counterproductive. (3) the first two weeks of bath sponge bath with warm drinks only. The approach is to boil the water and rice wine each half, add a little salt, soaked with a towel, wring dry, rub the body. From the third week to shower, bath after the full moon. (Eutocia) 4 wash to be put to boil water to warm and then use. Be able to apply skin care products. 5 non-shampoo. Because the scalp can not catch a cold. 6 is not carrying a child. Or perhaps visceral ptosis. When feeding can the side lying fed. 7 for children can not take a bath, or can lead to back pain and tingling hands and feet. Thus, when you want to give the child a bath to the LG et al. 8 have a quiet, comfortable environment. When the sun is too strong to draw the curtains to defend your eyes. Hair, because postpartum body pores are carried out, the hair is easy to cause head winds and joint pain, and even the fans do not shake. 9 months sub meantime can not climb the stairs, not heavy lifting within six months after delivery to prevent visceral ptosis. Do not weep, or eyes to premature aging, perhaps evolution as glaucoma or cataracts. Less reads the newspaper and television, must let the eyes adequate rest. The occurrence. Aspects we must be: 1. Shaoshiduocan. Postpartum two weeks is strictly prohibited to drink water, beverages and soups, milk is not able to drink. Will drink National Cheng Kung University bucket, fat, easily rheumatism or neuralgia. Able to boil the rice wine to replace water (buy store bottled wine). The practice is a few bottles of rice wine into the pan, not stamped, the fire after boiling lasts for more than 15 minutes. Then cooked rice water into the thermos spare. Do not eat salt, cold food, sour things can not eat. (There are reasons, very long, I will not say.) Within two weeks to prevent eating vegetables and fruits. Can eat carrots. Eat less moisture fruit month. 5 within two weeks. Forbidden to eat fish and meat to eat liver. Tired body can not fully absorb the fish, meat nutrients, ending excessive nutrients, will only aggravate the commitment of the body, the appearance of “virtual free fill” occurs. It should be the beginning of the third week to eat. 6. Sesame oil, ginger and rice wine, food handling. Jiang to burst through.
1, confinement in three stages: a row of two tone complement detailed postpartum month divided by weeks weekly basis necessary eat different food: the first week, first take the remaining water and toxins, as well as lochia excretion in vitro biochemical soup a day, drink, eat sesame fried liver. Mindful not to drink water (or drainage gone), Taobao Mall children’s clothing, thirsty to drink thirst quencher drinks, such as litchi, hawthorn slice, or boil rice wine. Any dish can not turn on the water, replace the rice wine to boil. No salt (salt makes water stay in the body where), can not put vinegar (vinegar causes the bone becomes soft), you can not put soy sauce (on the ground with salt). The second week, the performance of the primary strengthening bone and lumbar kidney, restore the pelvis. Eat fried kidneys and gutta-percha powder, help ease tailbone bone pain; (the other: in case of caesarean section, also drink one week biochemical soup). Avoid ibid., do not eat pickles, kimchi, miso soup. The third comprehensive a month, this time, the row had drained, first and foremost eat sesame chicken complement body. Do remember, drained toxin eat sesame chicken body to absorb, or accumulate in the body, as the remaining fat.
weak since early body, Chinese medicine stresses the virtual free fill, eat to absorb not only exacerbate the commitment of the body. All of the above food, salt (not cooking wine and rice wine, inside a different process) to be used in a large number of rice wine, ginger, sesame oil, brown sugar. 2,
with confinement meantime, not hair, cold. Wear shoes after help (can not wear slippers, or dropped heel pain defects). Put warm wash with boiled rice wine to wash, do not take a bath, the same brush with cooked rice wine. Tie cummerbund, excellent feeding, to restore better body. A month of Seoul after the beginning of activities, and so on and so forth.
my own baby before 110 pounds, 135 pounds when born. Born 8 pounds 5 two children, birth to 4 days, 113 pounds of neutrons on a month to recover to 110 pounds. However, when the body is very loose cross, never muscle, stomach loosely. Bring their own children very tired, plus the occasional sharpening (pumping effort temper is not easily ah), after 6 months, body weight had become 98 pounds, the body slowly restore the others do not see I have given birth to a child . Never the hips wider sequelae belly pregnant Chen Xiao Wen, however, does not go. legs once
fast students with edema, the hand joints also some pain and swelling, and end of the month, however, generally like. Born after tailbone pain, in the second week after eating Eucommia powder, beating the.
some people do not feel the salt difficult, in fact, my own weekday dinner taste light, the month with no salt did not think how. Think healthy and build for the future, one month does not eat salt and count it? Better than weight loss comfortable. Third, confinement series of articles
biochemical soup biochemical soup is with a good pair of Chinese medicine, its first performance the uterus as soon as possible excretion the lochia, sponsorship restore normal seat and shape. Slightly larger in the pharmacy, and are able to buy. 2, the the sesame oil
(black sesame oil), sesame oil, in the month during which almost all the dishes will be used. prevent skin aging and anti-cancer role
Eucommia powder. Second week postpartum taking. The manufacture of a variety of meals,
maternal drink: Data: Hawthorn meat, lychee shell, Guanyin string participation tenfold rice wine, water, boil boil, filter out. Add brown sugar to agitation average, refrigerated container. Drink when heated, does not exceed the daily 500CC, one by one to do more. Hawthorn meat, lychee shell, Guanyin string can own admission, can also be configured to use. 2, biochemical soup: Data: angelica, Sichuan dome, peach kernel (to core), roasted ginger, Zhi Cao (Honey Licorice). Practice:
A rice wine 700cc, involved in drug material, the heat and simmer for about 1 hour, about left 200cc, this is the first one by one, tincture poured spare. B second and then participate in the rice wine 350cc, and one by one cooking method similar to about leftover 100cc. Eat:
A and B
to be placed at the same time, three times a day drinking. Eutocia drink 7 days, 14 days Caesarean drink. 3, nourishing soup: case Caesarean week eat Yanggan soup in prenatal, postpartum then eat two weeks (post-partum with rice wine to cook). Information:
heart-shaped jujube (buy red heart-shaped jujube) Prenatal with hot water (post-partum with rice water) 280cc practices:
water washed red dates to knife to open 7.
on the container in hot water will open, capped overnight.
next morning steamed steamed’s.
etc. jubilant and then with the text and steam for one hour. How to eat:
jujube removed, peeled to the seed, the day always edible. The soup can be divided into two or three times, drunk as a tea after a meal.
add a little rock sugar or brandy also. 4, barley rice:
barley plus white rice boiled rice, boiled with rice wine. 5, sesame oil, fried liver (kidney practices alike): pork liver with rice wine washed, cut into 1 cm thickness, weight per 10 kg to 60 grams of ginger (with skin sliced) weight per ten kilograms to take Six grams. the
sesame oil, weight per ten kilograms to take 6cc.
rice wine, weight per ten kilograms with 60cc practices:
ginger and saute with sesame oil, into a light brown, ginger picked up and placed in the prepared in rice wine. Oil heat, the fire, and then down the liver, with salty fried foods, and then poured into the the Jin Zhao ginger rice wine to boil. Eat:
liver affordable early lunch on the above components can be 3 – 4 times after eating; Note: fresh kidney, one a day, rice wine dry, cut in half, remove White urinary gland. Clean up cleaning the kidneys after the appearance of the miter gap, then cut into 3 cm pieces. 6, sweet glutinous rice porridge data (three-day): glutinous rice, longan meat, brown sugar, rice wine, water 2000CC. Practice: glutinous rice with dried longan meat Na Rumi drinks, stamped bubble 8 hours.
dip to fire boil, cover and cook for 1 hour over low heat instead.
flameout, involved in the brown sugar and stir food. 7, adzuki bean soup: data (three-day): red bean, skin ginger, brown sugar, rice wine, water 1500CC. Approach: the red beans Na Rumi drinks, stamped soak 8 hours. Ginger cut wire into the red beans soaked in. The fire to boil, turn to medium heat continue to cook for 20 minutes (stamped), Taobao Mall. Flameout, involved in the brown sugar and stir edible. How to eat: 2 bowls a day, at 10 o’clock in the morning and 15:00 each eat a bowl. 8, sesame chicken: buy the old hen chicken, and even if the chicken’s head and tail feet must simultaneously cooking can not be abandoned. The information:
per 100 grams of chicken, ginger 10 grams `100cc` rice wine, sesame oil 10
cc, inferior race, and so on. the
pan heat sesame oil poured into the oil heat involved in the sliced ​​ginger (do not peel) until fragrant ginger never fried until the ginger pot from the move to the side of the diced chicken to lay down the pot and fry until the chicken cooked, prepared to which poured wine by the radius of the pot, cover the pot, the entire pour the wine opened, be converted into low heat and cook for 30-40 minutes just fine. How to eat:
hot to eat, picked up the oil slick, the rest of the wine soup is placed in the thermos, slowly drinking. Meat with rice to eat at the same time. 9, peanuts trotters: (milk is insufficient, in the third week postpartum edible) data (three days): peanuts, to film to go bud, shrimp, trotters about, skin, ginger appropriate amount to handle 15 grams of mushrooms rice wine, water 2500CC, sesame oil 80CC. Practice: mushrooms soaked in 10 times the amount of rice wine, water and shred. Peanut boiling Na Rumi drinks, to film, to bud. Sesame oil is heated, put ginger burst through. The trotters inclusion the pot Scoop rind eclipsed. Included in the peanut fried for a while, then trotters and ginger into the final plus mushrooms, shrimp and rice water. Stamped boil, and simmer for about 8 hours. (This work is a bit long, can reduce it.) 10, oil meal: data (5 copies): rice, to handle mushrooms, carrots, pork, shrimp, the right amount of skin ginger, sesame oil, rice wine, water 1,000 cc. Practice: glutinous rice with rice wine washed clean, drained. Washed glutinous rice rice wine in cold water, soak 8 hours and drain water bubble addition placed container spare, not drained. Rice water to be overshadowed by the glutinous rice. To handle mushrooms and the shrimp soak into the water just remaining. Soaked mushrooms and shredded. Skin ginger pork, carrots cut into thick wire. Pot heated into four spoons of sesame oil, the ginger fried into a light brown. Add shrimp, mushrooms, pork, carrots, saute remove the. Pot, new heating, put three tablespoons of sesame oil, heating, under glutinous rice Scoop sticky fried together with the rest of the data at the same time. The fried information put into the steamer, add soaked mushrooms, shrimp rice wine water, component overshadowed all the information. Steamed eat. 11, Su stew: amount of mushrooms, lotus seeds, red dates, wolfberry, Chinese yam, Garmisch wine stew Sulan. The above information can be applied alone application simultaneously. Five meals usage (by week planning) first week (1 – 7 days) breakfast fasting: biochemical soup 100CC (drink a cup three times) Breakfast: bowl of sesame oil, liver, barley rice bowl. 10:00: bean soup bowl. Lunch fasting: biochemical soup 100CC (drink a cup three times) Lunch: bowl of sesame oil, liver, barley rice bowl. 3:00: glutinous rice porridge bowl Dinner Fasting: biochemical soup 100CC (drink a cup three times) dinner: prime stew bowl. Night snack: bean soup bowl. Avoid food:
cold food? Weak, white radish, pickles, pickled cabbage, prunes, miso soup, Japanese tea, oolong tea, beer, juice, milk, water, water, Taobao online shopping ladies. Vinegar, safflower oil, lard, butter the second week (8 – 14 days) Breakfast: sesame oil kidney bowl, vegetable bowl, a bowl of rice porridge, barley rice bowl, Eucommia powder a penny. 10:00: bean soup bowl. Lunch: sesame oil kidney bowl, vegetable bowl, barley rice bowl, Eucommia powder a penny. 3:00: oil rice bowl. Dinner: soup bowl, a money Eucommia powder, vegetarian stew bowl, Eucommia powder a penny. Night snack: bean soup bowl. Avoid food: cold food? Weak, white radish, pickles, pickled cabbage, prunes, miso soup, Japanese tea, oolong tea, beer, juice, milk, water, water. Third week – (15 – 30 days or 40 days) breakfast: a bowl of sesame oil chicken, a bowl of rice porridge, barley rice bowl, the fruit of a radius. 10:00: bean soup bowl. Lunch: sesame oil chicken bowl, a bowl of vegetables, fruit. 3 points: a bowl of peanuts trotters or hormone stew dinner: a bowl of soup or vegetarian stew, vegetable bowl, barley rice bowl. Night snack: oil rice bowl. Avoid food: cold food? Weak, white radish, pickles, pickled cabbage, prunes, miso soup explanation: 1, from the beginning of the second week, eat a small amount of vegetables, but to be the choice of the control soft vegetables, and as far as possible in red vegetables main carrot, Missy. May be appropriate to relax after the third week, the warm sexual vegetables can. Also be cooked with rice wine, water
tune. 2, fruits, cantaloupe, peaches, grapes, papaya appropriate. 3, postpartum all food and beverages must eat warm, not cold to eat. (Fruit exception), more than the amount of the “bowl” is not accurate, detailed manipulation cf accurate number of meals manufacturing method. The livelihoods of confinement, quiet convalescence 30-40 days postpartum the most important thing is the “rest” in this meantime, the maternal relatives around the mother and sister of her parents, her husband’s Qinjuan , of course, as well as her husband, and so on, should work together to take care of maternal, would not let her leave the room, would not let her leave for doing any labor, rich and poor alike, perhaps many times have produced, or even a miscarriage, were bound to The same solemn! Generous produced shall infirmary thirty days, caesarean section, generous miscarriage or abortion, the number of days to 40 days or more shall be extended nursed back to health! 2, bed two weeks postpartum two weeks for uterine contraction most rapidly at the moment due to the uterus during pregnancy the fetus can make it extremely large, but produced, the uterus become a vacuum situation, internal organs no longer subject to compulsory become loose postpartum that often sit up or walk, gravity involved in the formation of the uterus and internal organs loose shrink adverse cause visceral ptosis, visceral ptosis may be the origin of the disease of all women. Thus postpartum two weeks, except to eat and toilet outside, other work, whether it is day or night, should be in bed rest. 3, ground tie cummerbund to prevent visceral ptosis “and” tightening the abdomen “use the opportunity to tune the global type produced, perhaps to improve some of the symptoms on the body, is a major opportunity for so many people in this meantime with gauze tied abdomen to reach the overall goal of the tune! Confinement during certain especially vigilant to stop the “visceral ptosis for all” women’s disease “and the origin of the” premature aging “, perhaps due to visceral ptosis, and will thus occur lower abdomen, it is to be in confinement during ground tie cummerbund In order to tighten the abdomen and prevent visceral ptosis, and if the original is the visceral ptosis Body, can also take advantage of confinement during ground tied belly bring improved. . The use of the cummerbund for a long white gauze with a length of about 1200 cm, width 15 cm per person is required to prepare the two so that rotation. To be a result of post-partum heat fill easily sweat if sweaty cummerbund should be dismantled, and abdomen to dry, then sprinkle cool the lip without new properly tied. The sweaty deeper heavy to be transform clean cummerbund tied to law, see cummerbund tied to law “. In case of application of the usual one stick of corset or Shuku, not only never prevent visceral ptosis results, but may force the visceral order blood is not fluent, so visceral deformation or flatulence and breathing hard, or coming to the fore in the lower abdomen Body, In particular, watch out! Cummerbund tie 1) size: the use of the cummerbund breathable white gauze, length 1200 cm, width 15 cm 2) dosage: for the maternal their homework, because they do not wear underwear (first tie cummerbund and then wear the underwear), flat against the skin easily sweaty, each person is required to prepare two rotation 3) Performance:. a the usual corset is not practical to prevent visceral ptosis ()
b abdominal crunch, elimination stomach 4 ) the beginning tied the effort: generous production – 2 days postpartum; Caesarean section – 6 days (5 days with a corset); the miscarriage –
second postoperative day 5) daily dismantling, re-tied work : three meals shall be removed, new Fasten dinner; ago removed a sponge bath, sponge bath and then tied; 2 weeks postpartum 24 hours tied, loose weight tied; 3 weeks after the day tied at night remove 6) cleaning method: cold wash fine cleaning and reuse of water over the net to dry, do not use the washing machine, because of easy to fold 7) cummerbund tied to law and split method: a
supine, flat lie down, put up the knees, soles of the feet flat on the bed, above the knee, thigh locally as far as possible with the abdomen at right angles; hips raise, buttocks underlay 2 mat b
hands on the lower abdomen, palms forward, the visceral massage to the direction of the center, hold high c
stage tied, the tie from the pubic bone to the navel, tied a total of 12 laps, the first seven laps overlap linger, each around a lap and a half gambrel suffer times (gambrel immediately the cummerbund positive turn into the opposite and longer continuation tied down, The gambrel parts hips on both sides), after 5 laps each lap moved up 2 cm high spiral up tied ultimately overshadowed navel after stable peace pin and first stuffed to d.
each time to be tied to the full 12 laps, if the abdominal circumference is greater to be connected with three cummerbund 2 use e
too thin, hip, coming to the fore, the cummerbund can not stick belly first mat towel and then tie cummerbund f be
remove side demolished, side roll back the solid circle system like spare 4 non-shampoo, but The the required accurate way of cleansing the scalp pregnancy during uterine add bear ineffable, just look at the before and thereafter the size of the uterus aware, Thus, in a post-partum make the uterus as soon as possible to recover the status quo. While uterus as soon as possible in order to restore performance, foul blood within the uterus of the most important is you want to complete excretion, in case the uterus into the vacuum situation, the secretion of the hormone will be particularly lively the uterus performance is also than Pre-pregnancy better! While shampooing will be ridden spread to the elimination of postpartum lochia, anything scalp a cold womb foul blood immediately solidified into a clot is not easy excretion, even if the immediate drying is not permitted, and with a hair dryer to blow head, is very easily aroused head wind and headache. If the the waste blood within the uterus is not to wipe clean, useful may form a hormonal imbalance and endocrine disharmony, and thus many concurrent symptoms occurred, thus postpartum thirty days must absolutely follow not wash your hair, to save unlimited troubles! But maternal innovation thrive in particular, and thus necessarily accurate measures to clean the scalp, in the following manner: #
clean the scalp method medicinal alcohol impermeable warm, damp cotton flower hair separation, has around wipe wipe the scalp, a little hand massage head, then comb dirt brush-off, so will feel fresher This method can wipe every day before meals, or combing the hair with a soft comb, so head gas blood smooth, refreshing maintain brain. 5, two weeks can not take a bath, but need the accurate way to take a sponge bath in order to prevent the cold can not take a bath, within two weeks after giving birth, but to use the accurate way to take a sponge bath, shower, full moon after the third week before the bath. Half way the #
sponge bath boil the water and rice wine, water, participation 10cc of medicinal alcohol and 10 grams of salt, mixed with a sponge bath of water with a wet towel, wring, for maternal wipe her stomach and sweating place, morning, noon, evening one by one, if the winter is very cold, and then one by one like. Also cast without wipe clean cool the lip, stomach in case of tie cummerbund, cummerbund also timely transformation. Face clean and nursed back to health wash your face and brush your teeth do not need medication with alcohol and salt, but the need to use warm water, is to beware of the head wind or headache, and must not be used in cold water; addition, the face of modulating, can use to meet their own cleanser and skin care products. Partial disinfection can tea (ie tea tea tea filtered out) into the right amount of salt mixed with medicinal alcohol use, then so water cleaning the ying Ministry and the anal m convergence. 6, not hair, whether hot air or the cold postpartum body pores, embracing the pores of the scalp are expanded, a blowing wind at the moment, either hot air or the cold, the pores will immediately austerity easily formed myalgia, headache, head wind, or even cold. 7, have a comfortable environment at room temperature maintained at 25-28 degrees Celsius maternal have a comfortable environment, and therefore the summer too hot, perhaps too cold in winter, the air conditioning is required so that the room temperature is maintained at between 25-28 degrees Celsius, but will have to watch out can not be blown to the wind! Must therefore be in order to measure wind of the air conditioning full blocked, not blow into the maternal Moreover, the maternal required to wear long pants, long-sleeved, wear a hat, gloves, scarves, and socks to block the wind! 8, can not touch cold water maternal not touch cold water, to prevent cold or appearance of soreness occurs, and thus covered the sponge bath, wash, wash your hands, brush your teeth or third week postpartum future shower, require the use of hot water. 9, not carrying a postpartum major career without it, and even centering down, indulge in eating and sleeping. The functioning of the body at the moment are in the swift reduction, and thus, of course, not heavy lifting, but also not carrying a child, or easily occur visceral ptosis Body. And newborn baby, bones, organs are yet to develop a complete, excellent or try to make him go to bed, often hold to him, he would form a bad spread. 10, lying on his side feeding As to breastfeed, and have to lie down in bed, put the baby on the side of the trunk so he sucking maternal able leaning against the back of each infant and maternal put a big pillow supports, but to careful not stopped the baby’s nose, to save choking. 11, about the breast milk of every woman produced after, must will the secretion of breast milk, breast milk secretion is surplus, but if not taking the baby, it can no longer secreted, even babies one by one on the absorbance, breast milk supply still is an endless supply, because it is a mother’s instinct. Thus if not to breast-fed babies, of course, is very good. If the baby’s sucking few should be every time the rest of the breast-sufficient squeezed out, in order to stimulate the next r room secrete enough milk. Maternal, if for any reason not to hand feeding, we should also accumulate in breast milk squeezed out the old milk breast lumps or cause mastitis outstanding can be sufficient in six months postpartum lactating will accumulate in r room This is most in accord with generous parental guidelines, not only to defend the mother Moreover, can reduce the timing of breast cancer in the future. In case of milk light or insufficient, anyway compensation from the third week postpartum peanut pig feet; postpartum milk in order to let the rapid secretion, “bells” (stimulate r head), can be performed in the first effort of the postpartum homework. The #
by bell (nipple stimulation) Act a. (Caesarean anesthetic withdrawal clean) that postpartum rest restore after the beginning of each of the four hours one by one bells (to stimulate r head), until the milk is rushed out. stimulate r head in three ways: 1. newly born baby sucking
2. use the breast pump
Please novice father to help in order to control the suction. c. mindful r room: each on each side do not exceed 15 minutes, but every four hours to stabilize stimulate one by one r head, do not suspend until the milk out of the starting endless supply so far. 12, not behalf of the children bathe
focus on the month during which not carrying a child in front of, similar to the reasons, of course, more can not be bent to back small treasure bath, the event can not be done, then postpartum back pain and tingling hands and feet appearance will be followed, thus excellent in prenatal deployed to take care of a good little baby, perhaps to negotiate with Mr. postpartum by the President to help Beckham than a bath, so can promote emotion between parent and child! 13, no heavy lifting, no climbing stairs within six months after giving birth, not to mention heavy items to prevent visceral ptosis lead to back pain, and should be blocked in the month during stair climbing. 14, not weeping women aging from the beginning of the eyes, postpartum eye nursed back to health is a very major. Maternal non Tears, the saying goes: “the maternal tear twelve gold precious” so sentimental things, such as the death of relatives and friends Companion unfortunate thing, must not be allowed to maternal aware, you can not let her weeping husband also All obligations should be picking up at the moment, so that mothers can centering convalesce. Maternal event of sobbing, eyes premature aging, sometimes evolve into sore eyes glaucoma or cataracts sake. Maternal, of course, I have to try hard to make their own mind hearty, do not worry about chores, often smiling, to maintain a happy state of mind. 15, can not see on television and newspapers, magazines
Maternal should be minimal to watch TV and books, newspapers, and must depend on the event, then every 15 minutes and shall allow the eye to rest very minute. Outstanding listen to soft music, so plenty of eyes resting on the one hand, on the one hand, can regulate emotions, clear neurological emergency. 16 the eye massage
easily tired eyes maternal towel dipped in hot water (a little hot), three meals and bedtime, wrung towel hot compress on the eye for a few minutes, and then perform eye massage. Eye massage a #
close your eyes, expand your elbows, hands the middle finger from the bridge of the nose by the next push up on the amount which hairline. b. belly thumb on his brow under the recess, beat, rub, but can not be pressed into the eyes. c two middle fingers still maintain the downward pressure on the hairline, thumb getting to the press on both sides until the end of eye above. Held eye acupressure to lie down most ambition, in case of unsuitable also be able to sit in a chair held pressed and rubbed my eyes must roll up our sleeves, tightening the chin, the back of the neck to force. If the eyes are tired, pressure up and there will be pain, but still continued acupressure, until it is not painful.
VII prenatal the preparation
of 1,
family members conscientious provisioning of various herbs, embracing the biochemical soup month beverages. Details are as follows: A. Biochemical soup: Angelica (full), Chuan Qiong, peach kernel (to core), roasted ginger, Zhi Cao (Honey Licorice). The above prescription provisioning, 1X14 were parting bags. (Original 7 were enough, but beware of a sudden decided upon the need of caesarean section, much preparatory) B. Eucommia powder: 21 copies of parting wrap. C. Hawthorn meat, lychee shell, Guanyin string, the 3 copies wrap. Of these items are available in pharmacies, the event has not, go to the hospital Zhao Shuren open. 2 months early to get ready (to prevent premature birth) 2,
preparation cummerbund, rice wine, sesame oil, brown sugar, barley, lotus seeds, red dates, wolfberry, Chinese yam, glutinous rice, longan, measuring cup provisioned to the supermarket, cooking wine pot . 3,
produced in the same day, and her husband go to the hospital, the family home required by the first day of preparation postpartum drinks, food, loaded with container, so that can be used on the immediate postpartum. Total: biochemical soup, rice water, month of drinks, sesame oil, liver, barley rice, rice porridge, and all the family’s food, prepared a little, walk around the hospital in the microwave to eat. General focus on doing the Month: yard must eat light, not salt and MSG on hold, because the baby’s kidneys are not developed on milk quality and weight of the mother has a direct involves fast to maintain and not go on, think of your own body and your baby will endure 2, the first two weeks of detoxification main (liver and kidneys help detoxification), must not eat nourishing and hot stuff ( such as Woodcrest Hill and knuckle of pork), because the new mother through the fertility, the entire single-handedly is very weak, and this time nourishing not only absorb less than the essence, and only president of fat, not this time looks fat is difficult to lose heat food on the milk is not good, and the baby to eat lightly constipation; 3, as far as possible with the sesame oil and stir-fry, sesame oil compression effectiveness of the fat, not long fat than usual cooking oil; 4, the fruit must not be forgotten, however, the first two weeks can not be pirated software grounds and 2 are the same, eat cantaloupe, papaya, grapes, watermelon Do not rush to eat, because the watermelon too cold resistance; 5, any cold liquid food to be heated before eating, or not useful to the uterus homing, can not stimulate the stomach; 6, four weeks initially able to qi force (such as chicken, etc.), the beginning of the second month, and everyone else eat, but still have to watch out light, otherwise the baby can not stand, and he is easily swollen; 7 the dinner staple foods, no sugar snack foods have adopted the brown sugar, helps to lochia excretion; 8 yard on breakfast staple is sticky rice gruel; lunch staple food is barley meal (barley drainage swelling) do not eat rice; The fish soup. Soup (ginger burst with sesame oil from the skin and then fried fish block, fish with the a foam meat of fish, plus Shui Zhushu to the soup turns white can) and pale, milk good tips oh; 9, water copies compensation: drink milk, eat melon on pregnancy or maternal weight loss and less swollen effectiveness, but also increased the quality of the milk; rice wine to boil replacement drink, boil the rice wine and later, so the whole alcohol volatile out can be.

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