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“Pain from your body” neglect “

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Published on: March 19, 2010

The pain from your body’s “neglect” – Li Xiao-zhou teachers were invited to Shandong Cancer Hospital psychological lectures
September 30 the Lee boat Teachers should Shandong Affiliated Hospital invited to “listen to the voice of the body” talks . Li Xiao-zhou teacher from the psychological point of view to explain the psychological and disease relationship, “the body is a manifestation of the emotional” try to accommodate their disease and imperfect case rather than exclusion, resist them, “When you accepted, you will find new opportunities. The seminar, boat also lead to psychological health and disease “and the game experience, allowing patients the scene feel the importance of psychological and ideas for health. After the lecture, patients who have to share their own illness experience and feelings. Awareness through lectures teacher Lee boat to the adverse effects of their negative emotions for the body, but also recognize that the disease is not terrible. The patient said, I want to face up to their own emotions, feeling, and disease, to learn to listen to the sound of their own body, learn to dialogue and their bodies, learn to perceive changes in the body, fight for the rehabilitation. Many patients to find Li Xiao-zhou teacher tears tell their own experiences and expressed their own teacher Li boat are deeply grateful. Hospital Song Zhuren speech teacher Li Xiao-zhou “listen to the sound of the body” lecture
hospital staff and patients with serious lectures
listeners actively answer the problem
Lee boat teachers lead the psychological interaction

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