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How long can pregnant women abortion?

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Published on: January 15, 2010

How long can
female abortion pregnant? Best to wait one year after the abortion after pregnancy as well, if there are special circumstances, at least wait another six months before pregnancy. Should be carried out because of a variety of abortion suction evacuation or curettage, intrauterine embryonic tissue to clean. Subject to varying degrees of injury during surgery, endometrial, after a recovery process, such as prematurely pregnant again, when the endometrium has not been completely restored, it is difficult to maintain a fertilized egg implantation and development, which can easily causing a miscarriage. In addition, post-abortion women, body relatively weak, take some time to return to normal, if the pregnancy prematurely, often due to lack of physical strength, poor nutritional leaving poor fetal growth, or result in spontaneous abortion. The abortion of
remedies are a last resort after contraceptive failure. In general, occasionally doing 1-2 times abortion does not have any adverse impact on women’s physical health, but in addition to the physiological sequelae may occur, psychologically pimple left often is not many women marching orders go to the shadow. In short, abortion should not do more, the otherwise health will be adversely affected. In case of the need for abortion, remember when we must choose a regular medical institutions do, in order to avoid danger, causing unnecessary harm to you.
Gansu the Renai gynecological hospital always put the safety of surgical abortion first place, surgical abortion process by strictly controlling every aspect from the surgeon to the anesthesiologist prepared from preoperative to postoperative recovery from the surgical environment to surgical materials are high standards and strict requirements, greatly reducing surgical complications and sequelae, to ensure the safety of surgery.
after abortion Notes:

1, post-abortion need to rest for about two weeks, during which seldom read the newspapers and television.
2, 2 weeks after the abortion, proper bed rest, remember do not do heavy manual labor.
abortion after eating more nutritious foods, nutritional supplements the body to return to normal as soon as possible. Generally 7-10 days after not eat cold January eat spicy food.
4, after the abortion should maintain genital hygiene, wash with warm water 1-2 times a day, Qinhuan sanitary napkins.
5, two weeks after the abortion or vaginal bleeding before is not clean, do not Bath.
6, a month after the abortion prohibited sex life, to prevent genital infection. If you have a fever, abdominal pain or vaginal discharge, abnormal odor, to timely treatment.
abortion usually in 3-5 days vaginal bleeding gradually stopped, no more than 10-15 days. If vaginal bleeding over the menstrual blood, the duration is too long, then the need for timely diagnosis and treatment.
abortion as long as the resumption of sexual life, it is necessary to take contraceptive measures to avoid pregnant again. Endometrial repair in normal circumstances a period of about six months. So it is necessary to pay special attention to prevent pregnancy causing uterine damage again, do not often painless surgery.

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